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My family loves to travel. My dad travels for work all the time, we go on vacation often, and we tend to have the most fun in a different city. It's always been that way for us, so I've grown up loving plane rides, long car rides, hotel stays, and all that comes with frequent travel. Unfortuantly, due to COVID-19, we have been unable to travel this past year like we had wanted to. Our summer was supposed to be packed full of different cities every few weeks. Some of the places we were supposed to travel to included Hawaii, Hilton Head Island, Florida, Lesterville, Los Angelos, and possibly Brussels. Because of the virus, none of this happened, but we were fortuantly able to reschedule each vacation. I am so grateful that I'm able to travel as much as I do. There are a few places on my bucket list that I have not yet visited, though. This website will tell you what each place is and why I want to visit.